Market reports

Carcoar CTLX Cattle Sale

Conducted Tuesday 22/9/2020

Yarded 920 head

It was a good quality yarding with a good selection of prime young cattle along with the usual pens of well finished grown steers and heifers. The cows in the yarding were also very good. There was also a few pens of useful weaners suitable for the restockers. The usual field of buyers were in attendance and operating.

Young cattle to the trade were up to 13c dearer with prime vealers selling to 442c/kg. Prime steer yearlings sold from 385c to 428c while the prime heifer yearlings sold from 375c to 432c/kg. Feeder steers were 8c dearer while the feeder heifers were firm. Feeder steers sold from 392c to 422c while the feeder heifers sold from 364c to 400c/kg. Young cattle to the restockers continue to sell well with the young steers selling from 400c to 559c while the young restocker heifers sold from 406c to 499c/kg. Yearlings to the backgrounders were also dearer with the steers selling from 410c to 445c while the heifer yearlings sold from 360c to 431c/kg.

Grown steers were firm while the grown heifers were 5c/kg cheaper. The prime grown steers sold from 312c to 370c while the grown heifers sold from 300c to 368c/kg. Cows were 3c dearer with the 2 and 3 scores selling from 230c to 290c/kg. The prime heavy weight cows sold from 279c to 315c to average 304c/kg. Heavy bulls sold to 322c/kg.

Yearling steers up to 440kg385.0cto428.0c
Yearling heifers up to 440kg375.0cto432.0c
Feeder steers392.0cto422.0c
Heavy Steers (500 - 600kg)320.0cto370.0c
Heavy Steers (over 600kg)312.0c to360.0c
Heavy Heifers315.0c to368.0c
Cows - 2 scoreNo Quote
Cows - 3/4 score270.0cto315.0c
Heavy Bullsto322.0c

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