Carcoar CTLX Cattle Sale

Conducted Tuesday 12-12-2020
Yarded 1515hd

It was a good quality yarding with good numbers of young cattle ideal for both the feeders and processors. There were also good numbers of
grown steers, grown heifers and cows yarded. Not all the regular buyers were operating in a mostly cheaper market.
Vealers and steer yearlings to the trade were close to firm while the heifer yearlings were up to 15c/kg cheaper. Prime vealers sold to 453c.
Cows were up to 22c cheaper with the 2 and 3 scores, Bulls were up to 30c cheaper.


Prime Yearling Steers 360.0c to 400.0c
Prime Yearling Heifers 356.0c to 428.0c
Feeder Steers 375.0c to 445.0c
Grown Steers 400 – 500 kg 325.0c to 388.0c
Grown Steers over 500kg No Quote to  
Heavy Heifers 305.0c to 360.0c
Cows – 3 score 200.0c to 273.0c
Heavy Cows 274.0c to 288.0c
Bulls   to 298.0c


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