Carcoar CTLX Cattle Sale

Conducted Tuesday 23/2/2021
Yarded 1700hd

It was a good quality yarding with good numbers of yearlings to suit the processors and feeders with the bulk of the yearlings weighing well in excess of 400kg and a large percentage over 500kg. There were some good runs of grown heifers and only odd pens of grown steers. There were 450 cows yarded and the quality was outstanding. Most of the regular buyers were in attendance and operating except for a major northern export processor.

PRIME YEARLING STEERS 374.0c to 460.0c
FEEDER STEERS 383.0c to 478.0c
GROWN STEERS 400 – 500 Kg 326.0c to 377.0c
GROWN STEERS OVER 500 Kg No Quote to  
HEAVY HEIFERS 280.0c to 372.0c
COWS – 3 SCORE 262.0c to 302.0c
HEAVY COWS 286.0c to 315.0c
BULLS   to 318.0c

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