Yass Sheep & Lamb Sale

Wednesday 10/8/2022
Yarded 6665 hd

Lamb numbers lifted and the quality was mostly plain. There were a few pens of very good heavy and extra heavy weights but quality and condition fell away quickly to a lot of lambs that lacked cover. All weights were penned and all the usual buyers were operating in a cheaper market. Prices slipped $4 on the heavy trades and $8 to $10 on the heavy and extra heavy lambs.

NEW SEASON LAMBS $74.00 TO $109.00
TRADE LAMBS (up to 23kg) $165.00 TO $179.00
HEAVY LAMBS (23kg – 26kg) $165.00 TO $208.00
EXTRA HEAVY LAMBS (26kg+) $209.00 TO $238.00
HOGGETS   TO $170.00
MERINO WETHERS $116.00 TO $147.00
MERINO EWES   TO $165.00
CROSSBRED EWES $178.00 TO $188.00

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