Yass Sheep & Lamb Sale

Tuesday 25/11/2020
Yarded 22100hd

Lamb numbers fell and there were 14,400 new season lambs offered. The quality was good with a large number of lambs still with some
freshness. Trade and heavy lambs were well supplied and the were several large drafts of light store lambs. The market sold to a stronger
Light store lambs were up to $17 dearer and sold from $139 to $170/head. Medium and heavy trade weights were fully firm on the fresher
lambs but slipped $3 to $4 on those lambs that were drier and sold from $146 to $176/head. Heavy lambs were $5 to $7 dearer selling from
$165 to $206/head. Extra heavy lambs made from $195 to $250/head. Australian White ewe lambs to a restocking order sold to a top of
$360/head. Merino lambs were dearer with a large run of trade weights selling from $160 to $178/head.
Mutton numbers eased by $7 to $10/head and the quality was plainer. Medium weight ewes made from $118 to $177/head. Heavy crossbreds
sold from $198 to $235/head and Merino wethers reached a top of $240/head.

New Season Lambs No Quote to  
Heavy New Season Lambs No Quote to  
LIGHT LAMBS $139.00 to $170.00
TRADE LAMBS (up to 23kg) $146.00 to $176.00
HEAVY LAMBS (23-26kg) $165.00 to $206.00
EXTRA HEAVY LAMBS (26kg+) $195.00 to $250.00
TRADE WEIGHT MERINO LAMBS $160.00 to $178.00
HOGGETS No Quote to  
MERINO WETHERS   to $240.00
MERINO EWES No Quote to  
CROSSBRED EWES $198.00 to $235.00
LIGHT SHEEP No Quote to  


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