Forbes Sheep Sale

Tuesday 28/11/2023

Forbes agents penned a total of 20946 sheep and lambs including 11121 lambs. Lamb quality was mixed but buyers are turning their attention towards the 2023 drop shorn lambs as unshorn quality deteriorates. There were only 2500 new season lambs penned. The market was again dearer. Trade weight unshorn lambs improved by $10/15 and shorn lambs were $15 to $20 dearer. Light unshorn lambs purchased by re-stockers and plain quality merino lambs and hoggets were all considerably dearer. There were 9825 grown sheep and prices also improved again by up to $20 compared to last week. Prime lambs were making 480c to 530c a kilo D/W and sheep over 24 kilos were making 200/250c a kilo D/W.

 TRADE WEIGHT NEW SEASON LAMBS (20-26 kilos) $110.00 TO $135.00
TRADE SHORN LAMBS (up to 24kg) $75.00 TO $130.00
TRADE LAMBS AND SUCKERS(24-26kg) $125.00 TO $143.00
HEAVY AND EXTRA HEAVY LAMBS (26 to 30+) $134.00 TO $186.00
TRADE WEIGHT MERINO LAMBS (20-24) $70.00 TO $92.00
HOGGETS $42.00 TO $80.00
MERINO WETHERS $33.00 TO $110.20
MERINO EWES $36.00 TO $96.00
CROSSBRED EWES $32.00 TO $95.00

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