Forbes Sheep & Lambs Sale

Tuesday 23/02/2021

There were similar numbers this week with a total of 14972 sheep and lambs including only 13324 lambs of the usual good to prime quality but fewer extra heavies over 30 kilos D/W. The market opened up well down on last week but prices improved considerably as the sale progressed and processors increased their competition with only a moderate supply available. Opening prices were $ 12 to $15 cheaper but in later sales the heavy and extra heavy lambs were almost equal to last week. Trade weights finished just $3 to $5 cheaper compared to last weeks sale.
There were 1648 grown sheep and prices were firm for most grades and slightly easier for the few light sheep.

LIGHT LAMBS $140.00 to $177.00
TRADE LAMBS (up to 23kg) $173.00 to $207.00
HEAVY LAMBS (23-26kg) $190.00 to $228.00
EXTRA HEAVY LAMBS (26kg+) $220.00 to $285.00
TRADE WEIGHT MERINO LAMBS $148.00 to $194.00
HOGGETS $184.00 to $215.00
MERINO EWES $145.00 to $265.00
CROSSBRED EWES $154.00 to $268.00
RAMS $150.00 to $184.00

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