Forbes Sheep & Lambs Sale

Tuesday 04/05/2021

There were  16685 sheep and lambs including 13963 lambs.Quality was not as good as in previous weeks with fewer heavy lambs and increased numbers of trade weights of mixed quality. Prices eased with trade weight and light lambs up to $8 cheaper and heavier lambs were $3 cheaper. Trade lambs averaged 770/780c, Lambs 23-26 K 750c and heavy lambs 26K+ 740c a kilo. Merino lambs were averaging the same as prime crossbreds. There were 2722 grown sheep and prices were $3 to $7 cheaper compared to last week’s sale.

LIGHT LAMBS $136.00 to $165.00
TRADE LAMBS (up to 23kg) $171.00 to $188.00
HEAVY LAMBS (23-26kg) $180.00 to $204.00
EXTRA HEAVY LAMBS (26kg+) $194.00 to $285.00
TRADE WEIGHT MERINO LAMBS $152.00 to $179.00
HOGGETS $144.00 to $230.00
MERINO WETHERS $151.00 to $198.00
MERINO EWES $148.00 to $196.00
CROSSBRED EWES $188.00 to $220.00

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