Forbes Sheep Sale

Sheep sale Tuesday 28/05/2024

Forbes agents penned 26210 including 20422 lambs. Quality was mostly good with prime trade and heavy lambs and the usual consignments of plainer quality lambs. A full field of buyers attended, and prices were $4 dearer for trade weights lambs and lambs over 25 kilos D/W eased by up to $4 a head. Lambs averaged 660/690c for prime trade weights and 60c a kilo less for plainer grades. Heavier lambs averaged 680c. Best lambs sold to 700c (+) a kilo.  There were 5788 sheep penned and prices for light sheep were firm and medium/heavier sheep were $4 dearer compared to last week’s market with sheep averaging 280/320c.

TRADE LAMBS (20 – 24kg) $136.00 TO $170.00
TRADE LAMBS (24-26kg) $152.00 TO $188.00
HEAVY AND EXTRA HEAVY LAMBS (26 – 30kg +) $181.00 TO $242.00
TRADE WEIGHT MERINO LAMBS (18-24kg) $106.00 TO $159.00
HOGGETS $70.00 TO $159.00
MERINO WETHERS $78.00 TO $120.00
MERINO EWES $82.00 TO $115.00
CROSSBRED EWES $79.00 TO $130.00

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