Forbes Cattle Sale

Monday 29/11/2021

Forbes agents penned only 405 cattle with small numbers in each category to quote. However the quality was very good at the top end in a sightly cheaper market except for feeder steers which sold at firm rates. Prime yearlings and heavy steers and heifers were 4c to 6c cheaper and the cows were back by 5c to 7c compared to last week. A bull weighing 1325 kilos made 352.2c a kilo to return $4666.65.

PRIME YEARLING STEERS 440.0c to 555.0c
FEEDER STEERS 500.0c to 568.0c
HEAVY STEERS ( OVER 500 Kg) 378.0c to 460.0c
HEAVY STEERS (600 Kg +) 422.0c to 446.0c
HEAVY HEIFERS (over 500 kilos) 380.0c to 480.0c
COWS 360.0c to 382.0c
 BULLS 322.0c to 352.2c

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