Forbes Cattle Sale

Monday 30/11/2020

Forbes agents yarded a smaller offering of 688 good quality cattle and prices fell for all categories. Prime yearling steers and lighter weight feeders were the least effected and they were up to 4c a kilo cheaper. Heavy feeder steers were 20c easier, yearling heifers dropped by 16c, heavy steers and heifers fell 20c and cows were up to 30c a kilo cheaper compared to last week’s sale.

PRIME YEARLING STEERS 365.0c to 430.0c
FEEDER STEERS 370.0c to 430.0c
HEAVY STEERS (over 500kg) 315.0c to 370.0c
HEAVY STEERS (660kg +) No Quote
HEAVY HEIFERS 301.0c to 330.0c
COWS 265.0c to 294.0c
BULLS 260.0c to 290.0c

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